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Spring has Sprung

If you live in colder climates, chances are your winter has been brutally cold, keeping you inside for months on end. Unfortunately, while your home may be nice and warm during the winter, your air quality has likely suffered. Keeping windows and doors closed for longer periods of time leads to stuffy, low-quality air.

Musty, stuffy smells may tempt you to open your windows as temperatures rise, but keep in mind that spring air also contains pollen, leading to unwanted allergens being brought into your home. To prevent high levels of pollen circulating through your living space, try to avoid opening your windows until after a rainfall, when there tends to be less airborne pollen.

If you’re waiting to open your windows, increase your indoor air quality with any of our air freshener products. Our Champion Sprayon® Air Fresheners contain Ordenone®, an effective deodorizing ingredient that completely eliminates unpleasant odors. Stuffy and smelly air will be freshened by any of our numerous scents.

Spring is traditionally a time for cleaning our houses and organizing our lives. While de-cluttering and cleaning, many people forget to disinfect surfaces. During the winter, surfaces can come in contact with many germs. Start the season fresh with our Spray Disinfectant. To sanitize surfaces, leave the disinfectant on the surface for 20 seconds before wiping off. To disinfect, leave the disinfectant on the surface for 10 minutes before wiping off any spray that has not evaporated.

Spring is a great time of year! The temperatures are rising and the days seem longer. Keeping these tips in mind can maximize your enjoyment.